Advanced Therapeutics in Gastroenterology

Corporate Profile

We are company specialized in gastrointestinal products. Our particular corporative organization promotes communication, interaction and personal relations with the medical community. Similarly, and through the same corporative structure, we are able to establish flexible collaborative associations with other pharmaceutical corporations and companies.
The integration of science with technology in our era of modern pharmaceutical industry has enabled us to rapidly benefit from scientific developments. Consequently, we place in the market products of high quality recognized worldwide.


We pledge to patients, physicians and related health care members to conduct ourselves at the highest ethical and professional standards providing products and services aimed to improve the quality of life of the many patients affected by gastrointestinal disorders. We are developing policies that are attempting to foresee, forecast and shape future generations. Our energy and passion is focused in obtaining excellence in our work according to the needs of our community. This compromise extends to each one of our actions. With this goal in mind we have reached very high standards in our procedures and products generating a gratifying atmosphere to our people, providers and commercial partners.